Established in 1830

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Monthly Board Meeting: 8/11 @ 6:00pm @ the Hermon Town Office

LAND FOR SALE BY TOWN OF HERMON - 49.1 acres on the Underwood Road

Land to be sold by sealed bid opened at monthly meeting on September 8, 2020 - 6 p.m.
Minimum bid is $38,000.
Terms are 10% within five days of bid acceptance and balance due within 90 days or deposit is forfeited. Copies of bid forms are available at our office or upon an email request. Copy of recent appraisals also available at the office. Call 315-347-3606 or click here to email the Town Supervisor. 

County Route 17 will be closed at 7:30 AM on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 for approximately 2 months. Click here for more information. 


Click here to review the 2020 Final Assessment Tax Roll

Hunting & Fishing Licenses are available at the Town Office.

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* THE OFFICE IS OPEN FOR LIMITED HOURS DUE TO THE ABSENCE OF TOWN CLERK KAREN WAYERING WHO IS HOME RECOVERING FROM SURGERY. Deputy Clerk Jane Doiron will be in the office 10 am to 1 pm Monday through Wednesday. If you require assistance with and emergency please call the office or click here to send the Supervisor a message.

* THE HERMON HEPBURN LIBRARY IS OPEN SUMMER HOURS - Monday, 12-4 and 6-8, Tuesday 9-2, Wednesday 9-3, Thursday 9-2 and Friday 9-1   Please stop in and our Librarian Kelly Hamilton can assist you and bring you up to date on what is new at the Library! You can also visit their facebook page by clicking here. 

* The Highway Department is engaged in a number of summer projects including shoulder mowing, storm sewer maintenance, town property mowing and assisting with finishing the bridge project. Repaving of the Morraw Road has now been completed. Recently we replaced our 35 ton flatbed trailer and added a lawn tractor to backup the one we have and to assist in the additional mowing we are doing.

* The town employees are doing their best to maintain the mowing and trimming of the Hamlet. Road shoulder mowing throughout the town is also ongoing. Please help us by maintaining your property including the area up to the side of the streets.

* The Codes Officer is inspecting properties in the Town that may not be fit for occupation. We have several that are unoccupied and are not being maintained. If you own one of these properties and know it would not pass inspection you should contact the Code Officer Mike McQuade to discuss bringing the property into compliance. We are continuing efforts to take action on properties that do not meet code standards for occupation. If owners fail to make improvements it may be necessary to take legal action to demolish an unsafe structure.

* The Speed Limit within the Hamlet of Hermon is 30-THIRTY-30 miles per hour. Please comply with our speed limit to help protect our children and loved ones.

* If you see dogs at large the Town of Hermon has a leash law that requires all dogs to be on a leash or tie out when out of doors. Dog Control Officer: Daniel Moyer Phone: (315) 276-6805 E-mail Address:

* The renovation of the McBrier Bridge downtown is nearing completion. The lights are now being installed and railings will be installed on the sidewalk approaches. Paving will be done shortly and the bridge will be reopened to the public.

* Improvements to the Recreational Park continue. Two new basketball backboards were installed in the back court area of the fenced court in the Park. Thanks Travis Dox for painting the lines for the basketball courts. The new scoreboard donated by Pepsi of Ogdensburg has also been installed. Please help us keep the park clean by properly disposing of any trash or waste.

* Woodys Market LLC open Monday thru Friday 7 am to 10 pm. Saturday 8 am to 10 pm and Sunday 8 am to 10 pm. Kitchen and deli close at 9 pm daily.
Due to the state laws changing every day. You are now required to wear a mask in the store until further notice. If you do not want to wear a mask one of the staff members will bring your food or groceries out to you.
When dining in, you must wear your mask to the table and then you can take it off while seated.
Please call ahead to have your food ready. This will save on wait time and congestion in the store.
The side window is now open to people that do not want to come in the store or forget their mask. This should be ready in a couple days.
Thank you for your cooperation

* The Skunks Nest operations are open for take out foods and beverages only. Check for hours of service. Skunks Nest (315) 347-4400

* The United Methodist Church and First Baptist Churches have both reopened for services.

* Codes Officer Michael McQuade is in the office on Fridays from 8 to Noon. Click here to find most requested forms on the Code Officers webpage.  

* The Food Pantry is still active at the United Methodist Church. April Allen has all the donations received at the Library and Town Office now at the church. If you would like to make a donation of food or money please call April at 315-854-5135 for assistance! IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO NEEDS ASSISTANCE FROM THE PANTRY CALL APRIL AS WELL!

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Michael Perry,

Hermon Town Supervisor